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Trans-aXion was established in 2001 and develops Transport Management Solutions for the parcels industry.

Developed on the back of over 45 years experience with leading parcel carriers our shipping platforms processed more than 60 million parcels last year operating in both the local and worldwide markets.

Our Customer Service department based in Coventry UK pride themselves on going the extra mile to ensure your parcels arrive at the delivery point on time, proactively managing any potential issues on your behalf.

Trans-aXion delivers fulfilment systems to the users of transport services that meet and exceed expectations. Our customers enjoy industry leading service levels as well as reduced costs.


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In arranging delivery of parcels to over 200 countries, we use leading carriers such as DHL or FedEx. Our customers benefit from the outstanding service levels that come with this.

We actively measure the service performance and keep a very close relationship with our carriers. Acting upon exceptions and service failures as they arise we aim to advise you directly where necessary of any problem before it is noticed by your customer.

Our massive buying power helps keep the delivery charges as low as possible resulting in less cost to you.

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  • User friendly Website.
  • Fast order entry results in saving time and money.
  • Check the progress of your items via our advanced real-time tracking.
  • Interface your eBay or offline store accounts.
  • Available 24/7 and you don't have to open an account to use us.
  • All major credit and debit cards accepted.
  • Discount via free credit for every pound spend on Public Rates.
  • Credit accounts available for selected customers.
  • If you despatch items regularly, contact our Customer Service desk to discuss special rates.
  • A highly skilled customer service department is available to follow-up your collection and delivery arrangements.

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Our applications are used by some of the largest courier companies in the world. Once you have prepared your parcel, enter the collection and delivery details online, select your service and pay, print the label and let us do the rest.

Order entry is easy just “Tab” through the screens or use your mouse to select the required fields to enter the necessary information:

  • Enter the collection address (Can default to the account address but is still editable)
  • Enter the delivery address (Postal Address Finder “PAF” is available for UK deliveries once a valid postcode has been entered).
  • Enter the weight and dimensions of the parcel, (dimensions are not required for domestic services)
  • Select the required service.
  • Choose insurance cover that’s required (Standard cover will be applied by default)
  • Check the prohibited and non compensated item (if required)
  • Enter payment details (Not required for credit accounts)
  • Print out the shipping label and attach it to your parcels
  • Sit back and await the Couriers arrival. (You can print off a manifest for him to sign if required)

Overseas shippers may download customs forms and commercial invoice instructions.

Gleax Label Print

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You can contact us by telephone +44 844 822 5757, via email helpdesk@theparcelnetwork.com or by raising a ticket online in the support section of the application.

Our agents will ensure that your experience in using the system and despatching a parcel is quick, easy, reliable and economic. You can relax whilst your shipment is managed for you from collection to delivery.

All of our customer’s packages are monitored proactively and we are alerted electronically if a potential issue arises. In such an instance we will manage the issue on your behalf using our industry expertise and close relationship with the carriers to get your parcel back on track.

Gleax Shipping Basket

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