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The Parcel Network Parcel Delivery Reviews

I want you to know that I was thoroughly impressed with your phone call today. Not only was the response time amazing (9.10am on a Monday morning) but, when I was unable to take the call straight away, you were prompt in following up your call. Your phone manner was nothing short of first class and it made a refreshing change, initially, to speak to an actual operator (rather than an automated system) but, secondly (and most importantly) an operator that was so friendly, approachable, helpful and polite. I can honestly say I was disgusted with certain Couriers (brand names with-held) I have been calling around over the past couple of weeks. As you know, from our conversation, their attitudes towards small businesses / sole traders is appalling. It goes without saying I am very happy to not only be a Parcel network customer but, above all, to be one of your accounts Natalie.


I would like to thank you for your efficient service delivering my parcel from the UK to Australia.The gentleman that collected my parcel was very helpful and courteous.I will DEFINETLY use your service again and would recommend your services to anyone.

Ms. Felicia

I would just like to take some time to tell you how impressed I am with the wonderful service that you provide and the sense of security that I feel knowing that anything I send will arrive at its destination as soon and as safe and in the same condition that it was sent.I sent a parcel on the Wednesday at 1500hrs to Barcelona in Spain and my son phoned on the Friday at lunchtime to thank me for the parcel that had just arrived. Thank you for this wonderful service.

Mr. Glen, Birmingham

I would just like to put a special mention in for Mr Will Allen. The service he personally provides and his overall attitude is phenomenal! Deserves a pay rise :-)

Mr. Wayne, Oxford

You’re impressively pro-active. One doesn’t expect that from a web form, but I am impressed....

Mr. Peter, Coventry

You have proved far more cost effective compared with TNT on this consignment so looking good for future orders.

Ms. Natalie, Manchester

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